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"Hiya! Another text service attached - this is "Wighttext', from the short-lived 'TV12' local analogue station on the Isle of Wight. It's a little bit spotty in places but is otherwise full and complete, captured in 1999. Hope it's of a little interest. ""==":)"? ":)":"\"".stripslashes($emoticon)."\"""

        WIGHTEXT 310 Fri 24 Dec 14:55:30
   ISLE of WIGHT COUNCIL       ****     
   Council Backs Idea Of      *  * *    
   Island As GM Free       ***********  
   Zone                       **  **    
 ****************** **** ******   ******
 A strong stand against the Isle of     
 Wight being used for the growing of GM 
 crops was taken by the Council.        
 The Policy Committee agreed that the   
 Council should strive to work in       
 partnership with Island farmers and    
 landowners to discourage by all means  
 possible the production of GM crops on 
 the Island, either in trials or, in    
 time, commercially.                    
 The Committee supported the view that  
 the Solent could become a useful       
 barrier against the spread of pollen   
 from Mainland grown GM crops.          
   250 Council News       100 WIGHTEXT  
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