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Ok, it's a grand name. Sorry.

With the great analogue switch off now complete, teletext (with a small t) as we know it, is all but extinct.  Thye current generation of kids will grow up never knowing how creative you can be with low resolution graphics in primary colours.  

So.. we don't want to see it vanish without trace in the way that Prestel did.

This website, although being set up as a location for my own personal collection of data and documents, is open to all to submit their examples of teletext "then and now" with the aim of creating a permanent resource.

Some of the pages have errors in them that are glitches in the original reception, and I can do nothing about this..  Some of the galleries have some frames of garbage, or completely garbled data. This will be a display issue, so I'll be trying to sort these out over time..

All pages displayed are created by the webserver directly from original saved data, in a variety of formats.  Textual equivalents are also made available.  I hope this gives the best experience possible.

Main limitations at present - no search (you'll have to wait for google to catch up) and no reveal (although swapping to text mode will reveal hidden text).


Latest News

13th Mar 2013 - A reader requested more Digitiser.  Ant came up trumps, and here are another 125 editions!  Grab yourself a cuppa and drop yourself into the past.

31st Oct 2012 - Well, the UK's digital switchover is complete.  Ceefax is no more.  But in a blast from the past, Ant has dumped a pile of captures on me from 1998-1999.  Relive the past with Ceefax 1, Ceefax 2, and News 24.

16th Jan 2011 - The Childrens' Channel 1995 - More from Ant.

8th Jan 2011 - Links - thought I'd best add some links to other relevant sites.  Please feel free to ask to be included!

6th Jan 2011 - The Last Day of Oracle - Thanks, Ant!!