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"Hiya! Another text service attached - this is "Wighttext', from the short-lived 'TV12' local analogue station on the Isle of Wight. It's a little bit spotty in places but is otherwise full and complete, captured in 1999. Hope it's of a little interest. ""==":)"? ":)":"\"".stripslashes($emoticon)."\"""

  £     WIGHTEXT 123 Fri 24  ec 14:55:31
   ******** *****                   2/2 
    **  *** ***** Programme Guide       
   Within These Walls                   
 Presenter Stewart Murray takes a tour  
 of just some of the many interesting   
 island churches. Looking at their      
 fascinating architecture, history and  
 local stories.                         
   Sports File                          
 All the latest news and information    
 from the sports world. We'll feature   
 local sports and highlight some of the 
 activities coming up. There'll also be 
 features on some of the more unusual   
 sports found on the island. Also, turn 
 to Sportsfile for fixtures and results.
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