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"Found this in the archives - a near-complete copy of the editorial pages (none of the holiday adverts!) from The Children's Channel. This was in May 1995 while it was in its "TCC" phase, and before ace presenter Ged (who had his very own pages) left and joined The Disney Channel. Could it really have been 15 years ago..."

Thanks, Ant!

  P204  TCC Text 204 Fri  5 May 14:41:35
   ****   THE    **      ************** 
   ****** ** * * ** * *    F R I D A Y  
    * ********** ******       MAY 5     
    * ***** ***********     5pm-9pm     
        CHANNEL       *  ************** 
 5.00pm DANGER MOUSE The rodent must    
        save the world...               
 5.30pm GLADIATORS 2000                 
        Fast-paced action for kids      
 6.00pm MY TWO DADS: Getting Smart      
        Nicole drops out of her         
        advanced English class          
 6.30pm CATCHPHRASE Quiz                
 7.00pm BUSMAN'S HOLIDAY                
        Occupational quiz show          
 7.30pm ROAD TO AVONLEA: It's Just      
        A Stage A famous leading lady   
        stirs up the town               
 8.30pm HOME TO ROOST:                  
        Plastic Dreamworld              
    For more details see FAMILY TEXT!   
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