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Oracle 1992

31st December 2010 - From Ant :

At this time of year I'm always reminded of how long it has been since Oracle disappeared - 18 years ago this evening in fact. With that in mind. thought you might like this. Bits and pieces of it have been floating around in various forms for a while but at the moment I think this is probably the most complete and restored version of the full last night of Oracle. Sourced from an SVHS recording, processed with some teletext hardware that basically did its best to repair the pages from as many repeat cycles as it could make out, and - after much procrastination - a certain amount of human repair (that would be me then).

P104/01 ORACLE 104 Thu31 Dec ITV 2259:55
 ** ********* *********** **************
 *  ********* ***********     MEDIA    *
 *  *********************              *
 ** ********************* **************
 In the world of TV, veteran interviewer
 David Frost becomes a knight.          
 Journalist Kate Adie, of Tiananmen     
 Square, Gulf War and Sarajevo fame,    
 becomes an OBE.                        
 Photographer Donald McCullin, 57, who  
 has worked in perilous situations in   
 Cyprus, Vietnam, the Middle East and El
 Salvador, is awarded the CBE.          
 ITN reporter Paul Davies, TV journalist
 of the year in 1990, gets an OBE, while
 ITN cameraman Nigel Thomson, wounded in
 Sarajevo, also receives an OBE.        
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